Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

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>Erectile Dysfunction can happen at any time but it is more common in the young and inexperienced, through anxiety or men of 40 years and older who will gradually experience dropping hormone levels and blood circulation that isn't as efficient and thorough as it was in their teens, twenties and thirties.

>Here are some of the main causes of Erectile Dysfunction:


1. Marriage / partnership problems.

2. Anxiety through inexperience, sex for the first time with a new partner.

3. Stress

4. Depression.

Anxiety about sexual performance pressure to perform this becomes worse with every failure.

Except in extreme cases where professional help should be used, Herbal Viagra can overcome Erectile Dysfunction when it's due to psychcological reasons.


Most men of forty years and older will suffer with Erectile Dysfunction to some extent at some stage due to lower hormone levels and less efficient circulatory system.

This is easily overcome with Herbal Viagra.


Erectile Dysfunction can be overcome with Herbal Viagra in most cases under the supervision of a doctor.


The Erectile Dysfunction is usually more serious but Herbal Viagra can help under the supervision of a doctor.


Smoking can cause bad circulation in general and in some cases can cause Erectile Dysfunction.

This can be solved with Herbal Viagra but it is advisable to stop smoking.


Excessive drinking can cause erectile dysfunction or as it is often called in this case – brewers droop.

Herbal Viagra can stop this happening although it is more sensible to stop drinking as much.


A doctor's supervision and advice is neded for this.

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