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In some cases there is a definite link between Erectile Dysfunction and long sex failure or  Premature Ejaculation. This may be for a number of reasons, most commonly the link is anxiety. This is the most common cause of both symptoms therefore, if for instance, someone is suffering from performance anxiety due to suffering from long sex failure which in itself is a vicious circle that causes the long sex failure to get worse, which causes the anxiety to get worse and so on. Anxiety levels get higher and can cause Erectile Dysfunction. The same is true the other way around where the man is suffering from Erectile Dysfunction which causes anxiety to get worse which makes the Erectile Dysfunction worse and adds long sex failure to his symptoms.

At the heart of the anxiety is worrying about pleasing your partner which although admirable is making the whole situation worse.

Until the symptoms are under control, a more selfish attitude has to be adopted to sex.

Forget about whether your hard enough or lasting long enough. Take control of your body and try to relax. One of the best ways of doing this is to concentrate on your breathing, take deep breathes - breathing obviously becomes more rapid during sex, but keep it deep and remember to exhale fully as well as inhale. Thrust at your own pace - I suggest slowly. Think more of the feelings being comfortable rather than sexy. If you can think of it in terms of being a simple exercise to keep you fit, even better. A different mental approach temporarily has to be adopted to break the vicious circle.

This may in some cases cause a problem with your partner, for instance they may think that you lack passion or aren't particularly interested. This can normally be countered with a simple " I'm getting over excited so I have to take my time". This would normally be taken as a complement. If of coarse you're with a long term partner you can be more open and detailed as to what is going on.

To increase your chances further, take some Herbal Viagra to open up the blood vessels to the groin. This is obviously going to help if you suffer from Erectile Dysfunction but what a lot of people don't realize is that it also helps with long sex failure. That may be because when a hard erection is achieved, the tip of the penis becomes slightly numb and desensitized.

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