Occasionaly impotence is experienced by most men particularly when first starting a relationship and/or when young, inexperienced men are suffering from nerves or embarrassment, and this would rarely affect relationships.

However long term impotence/erectile dysfunction which usually affects men of forty years old plus, can have a damaging effect on relationships although effects can vary mainly according to the self esteem of both partners.
The man when repeatedly failing to get an erection can have his confidence undermined and when that happens he can react in different ways........

1. Blame himself.

2. Blame his partner.

3. Deny there's a problem.

4. Withdraw from the relationship


This can cause friction in the relationship, particularly when the female reacts in the same way.
In fact the female can experience the added problem that she may feel that she is no longer attractive to her partner or even that he is having an affair.

These problems can be overcome by: admitting to the problem and seeking help through Herbal Viagra. In the rare case that it doesn’t help then it’s important to get a doctor’s advice. Couples may then have to be flexible in their approach to sex and not make intercourse the determining factor.

Other stimulation can be given such as, oral, stroking and kissing.

This helps maintain an intimate relationship which strengthens the relationship's overall standing.

It's a little known fact that men can achieve an orgasm without an erection

It is however reasonably well known that women can achieve orgasm without penetration

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