Hello this is James Baxter of Herbal Viagra World

If you suffer from premature ejaculation achieving long sex can feel like an impossible dream. When I say long sex I mean penetrative sex that lasts an average amount of time - average is only around 10 minutes.

This amount of time and longer is achievable using certain techniques and a different mind set. The biggest enemy of long sex is tension and this tension can get worse with every "failure". The source of most of the tension in most cases is worrying about pleasing your partner so every time there is an early climax the tension gets worse. This vicious circle has to be broken to achieve long sex. A more selfish attitude to sex has to be adopted temporarily until long sex is being achieved regularly. During this period, sex is all about you, get comfortable and relax, take things at your pace, explain to your partner what is happening and tell them to be less interactive - a bit floppy and compliant!

Take control of your body and concentrate on your breathing, remember to exhale fully as well as inhaling fully. Think of sex as being a relaxing rather than a sexy experience. Treat what you are feeling physically the same way - comfortable and relaxing rather than sexual. The moment you feel the very start of a climax stop dead, explain to your partner what is happening and tell them not to move. After a few seconds or minutes it will be safe to resume.

Take Herbal Viagra because a very hard penis becomes slightly numb and desensitized at the tip which helps with control.

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