Seven Powerful Aphrodisiacs and Why They Work

>There are hundreds of aphrodisiacs on the market, most don't work and I include some very well known ones such as Spanish Fly. Some plants are only regarded as aphrodisiacs because their shapes resemble genitals.

Apart from the odd coincidence this is absolute nonsense! Not only are the active ingredients ineffective but they never get to the genital area where they are needed due to lack of blood circulation in that area.

People suffering with a low libido often have a circulation that's in partial shutdown in the genital area.

So before anything can be achieved, the circulation must be improved to the groin area


Here are the three essentials...

1.  Increase blood flow to the groin area.

2.  Increase natural hormone production.

3.  Stimulate sensory nerves in the groin.


However although some Viagra/Herbal Viagra increase blood flow to the groin, they don't stimulate the sensory nerves or increase hormone production in that area, they are therefore not aphrodisiacs.

I can't stress enough the importance of getting blood regularly into the groin area.

This of course includes women, where a clitoral erection is important.

Blood flow to the clitoris is as important as blood flow to the penis

Blood flow in penis

There isn't one single herb/plant that can achieve all these targets unless you're a goat grazing on goat weed!

But here are some of the most powerful aphrodisiacs most of which are also very strong natural Viagra (increase blood flow to the groin).


Cordyceps Sinensis

Featured on the BBC's Wild China. Known as the king of invigorants. Open's up the blood vessels particularly to the groin. Huge black market trade for it in China. Its a fungus found at 4000 feet on the Tibetan plateau.

Desert Cistache

Important sex tonic. Activates sex hormones in both sexes.

Horny Goat Weed

It's common name was as a result of goat herders noticing that goats eating the plant were stimulated into excessive copulation. It stimulates the sensory nerves particularly in the genital region in both sexes. Increases sperm production.

Curculigo Rhizome

Open's up the blood vessels. Long history of treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Rhodiola Sacra

Extraordinary plant only recently available outside Asia.Has been used as a powerful sex tonic for thousands of years.

Tibetan Ginseng

Well known aphrodisiac.The Tibetan variety is particularly potent.

Polygonatum Verticillatum

Legendary aphrodisiac.

Wild Viagla  has all the above as ingredients and as a result gives the following benefits SEE HOME PAGE

Something to keep in mind is that even if you have taken the world's most powerful aphrodisiac, you can't then sit back and expect to feel like sex in an hour. As usual foreplay has to take place before most people can become aroused. Any treatment depends on how low your libido is. If it's low but hasn't completely disappeared, a capsule of Wild Viagla (mentioned below) to open up the blood vessels to the groin and a glass of wine to loosen your inhibitions will be enough to put some people on heat! If it's seriously low; it could be a problem with relaxation.

Make sure you have enough time to yourself and concentrate on your own breathing keeping it deep and even. Think of fantasies - anything that pushes your buttons!

Wild Viagla Benefits>

1. Opening up the blood vessels particularly in the genital area giving the added bonus of very hard erections

2. Delivering 7 powerful aphrodisiacs into that area. This is enormously effective with BOTH SEXES

3. Increases natural hormone production

4. Stimulates sensory nerves in BOTH SEXES particularly in the genital area.

5. The active ingredients have been extracted using state of the art extraction techniques so that they can be absorbed effectively into the blood stream.

Then you can add the following benefits.......

1. No quibble money back guarantee

2. Acts as quickly as 30 minutes and lasts up to 72 hours depending on metabolic rate

3. No prescription required

4. No side effects

5. Natural healthy inngredients, promoting general health and blood circulation throughout the body

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