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First of all the term sex tablet is very general but usually what is mean't is a pill for men that will give them strong erections, higher libido and longer sex.

Viagra itself isn't an aphrodisiac so will not raise libido, so the search must be confined to Herbal Viagra most of which do contain some aphrodisiac herbs.

However for an aphrodisiac to work effectively it has to reach the groin and many people suffering with low libido have bad circulation in that area.

So the first task is to improve the circulation, particularly to the groin, it is only then that the active ingredients of an effective aphrodisiac can increase the sensory activity of the nerves in that area.

Let's assume you have taken a high quality sex tablet that also has improved circulation to the groin, the chances are, an hour later you still don't particularly feel like sex because you still have to go through the usual foreplay to be aroused.

Quality Sex Tablet,the circulation to your groin has increased, you have started foreplay and you have a big erection which has slightly numbed the tip of the penis enabling you to avoid Premature Ejaculation.

But which pill have you taken?

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